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Sub Accounts

Congratulations on purchasing Cram Jams for your school! In addition to your administrative account, you may want to create sub-accounts for your teachers and staff. You can share your administrative account login information with your teachers and staff if you prefer, but be advised that any one of them will have the ability to cancel the subscription, change payment information, and change the password. If you’d like to avoid this, please follow these instructions for creating sub-accounts. You can either create one sub-account and share it with all teachers and staff, or you can create a separate sub-account for each teacher and staff member. Creating separate sub-accounts will take a little more time, but will allow each user to create and manage their own password. If you choose to do this, skip the next section by clicking here.

Creating One Shared Sub-Account

  1. Click on My Account > Manage Subscription.
  2. Click on Sub Accounts.
  3. Click on Add Sub Account.
  4. Under Username, enter your preferred username. This should be something generic and not specific to one teacher. For example, if your school is named Lincoln, you might use “lincolnteacher.”
  5. Under Email, you will need to enter a secondary email address. This could be the email address of another administrator, a teacher, or a secondary email address of your own. This email will receive password setup/reset links for the sub-account.
  6. Leave First Name and Last Name blank.
  7. Click Submit.
The secondary email address provided will receive an email with instructions on how to set up the password and access the account. Once the password has been created, you can share the username and password with any teachers and staff you wish to have access to the account, and you’re done!  

Creating Separate Sub-Accounts

  1. Click on My Account > Manage Subscription.
  2. Click on Sub Accounts.
  3. Click on Add Sub Account.
  4. Under Username, enter a unique username for a teacher or staff member.
  5. Under Email, enter that teacher or staff member’s email address.
  6. Enter the teacher or staff member’s first and last name under First Name and Last Name.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for each teacher or staff member.
You’re done! Each teacher or staff member will receive an email with instructions on how to set up their password and access their account.

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COPPA Compliance:

COPPA requires stringent measures to protect the privacy of children under the age of 13 who are using online services. Cram Jams adheres to these regulations by not collecting personal information directly from children.

We collect limited personal information for account management purposes only from teachers and administrators. However, certain technical functionalities on our website, necessary for providing interactive content and enhancing user experience, do utilize cookies. These cookies are essential for basic operations such as video playback and site performance optimization, and do not track personal information that would require parental consent under COPPA.

FERPA Compliance:

FERPA protects the privacy of student education records at educational institutions. Since our website does not collect or manage student education records or personal data from students directly, we are not subject to FERPA’s requirements regarding the management of education records.

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Our Commitment to Privacy:

We are committed to continuous compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding online privacy and data protection. Cram Jams uses industry-standard security measures to protect the information under our control, and we review and update our practices regularly to ensure the highest standards of privacy and security.

For any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices, COPPA, FERPA, or our use of cookies, please contact us at [email protected].

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