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Learning Rocks.

Cram Jams is a series of educational music videos and resources that make learning English language arts way more fun.

grades 2-6

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Free Lesson: "That's An Idiom"!


Songs that get kids excited about learning, and ingrain concepts into memory


Animated videos that deliver the songs in a visual and engaging way


Printable resources like posters, games, and worksheets that correspond to the lessons in each music video

Works With

Easily share videos with, or assign activities to students through Google Classroom at the click of a button.

Created By a Teacher and a Musician

Hi, we’re Amelia and Andy, and we’re the creators of Cram Jams. We are a teacher and musician married couple who put our heads together to come up with what we think is the most fun and exciting way to teach important concepts to young students. Amelia is a full-time, credentialed, third grade teacher, and Andy is a freelance music producer and composer. These lessons have been a huge hit with the students in Amelia’s classroom, and have shown stunning results with respect to language arts comprehension. We’re excited to finally share this content with the rest of the world, and look forward to hearing about the effect it has in your classroom!


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